Boulder, Colorado Scanner Page

I have been a scanner listener for a long time -- and have lived in Boulder a majority of those years. I started out with a 4-channel crystal controlled scanner from Sears (!). Thankfully, times have changed!

These days, I listen on a

At a previous employer, Security and Maintenance crews were on an 800 MHz LTR system. I bought a Bendix/King LPX-2101 on eBay for cheap -- then struggled to get it programmed (if you pay more than $20, it had better be in perfect condition!). I've had limited success programming it. You're welcome to read my results here.

For reasons unknown to me, certain Internet searches on Bendix/King radios rank this page fairly high. If you landed here and are looking for BK Radio information, I recommend 2 sources:

I have put together a list of scanner frequencies in the Boulder, Colorado area. This list is very Boulder-specific. This is the first time that I have distributed it, so I am very interested in updates and corrections. Please send me E-MAIL! Thanks for your help.

Boulder Frequency List

If you need Colorado frequency information outside of Boulder, I recommend:

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